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Trusted Tesla Solar Roof Certified Installer

We are a Tesla Solar Roofing Certified and fully integrated solar energy solution company. The certified installer program is offered by Tesla to help third-party companies to effectively install solar roofs. Since 2023, we have continued to collaborate with Tesla, providing hands-on information and techniques that allow Tesla to further streamline their installer program. You won't find a solar company more qualified to install Tesla Solar Roof than SOLAR G. Contact us today to leverage our expertise experience for a world-class installation of a cutting-edge product.

Why Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla Solar Roof is a premium roofing product as well as an incredible solar product. It's extremely durable and provides an appealing and sleek aesthetic. Solar Roof works together with other Tesla products, like the Powerwall, to create energy independence, to offset your carbon footprint, and to give your home an amazing, modern style. If you're interested in a solar product, either Solar Roof or traditional solar panels, our experts can help determine the right choice for you!



What you might want to know about Tesla Solar Roofs


Our wait times to begin installing Tesla Solar Roofs are 2-3 months, depending on the project. Smaller, simpler projects may begin more quickly, while larger, more complex projects may take longer to begin. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible so we can schedule your project and get to work!


Tesla Solar Roof can easily power most homes. SOLARG G will consider several factors to make sure that your solar roof can provide adequate power to your home. Many of those factors include:

Kilowatt Production

We'll make sure that your solar roof is capable of the kilowatt production (or electricity generation) your home needs. For large homes that have several power hungry appliances, like hot tubs and large HVAC systems, your kilowatt needs will be larger. Smaller homes with fewer appliances will need less kilowatt production. SOLAR G will perform an energy audit during the design phase of your Solar Roof, so we'll know exactly how much kilowatt production your home will need.

Roof Design

Not all roofs are capable of the same solar capture. Complicated roofs may need more photovoltaic tiles capable of solar capture compared to simple, flat roofs. Our design experts will make sure we know how many photovoltaic tiles are needed, and even if your roof design works with Solar Roof.

Energy Independence

Many of our solar product customers want to be as independent from the electric grid as possible. While not all municipalities allow for true independence, we'll make sure you maximize your solar capture and energy production. Our design experts may recommend  Powerwall, a home battery, to store excess electric production for when solar capture is low, like at night.


Solar products in general, including Solar Roof, can increase the value of your home. The reason for that is:

- Carbon footprint reduction
- Energy Independence
- Selling energy to the grid (depending on where you live)

Tesla Solar Roof also offers unique benefits not found with other solar products, like:

- A sleek, modern aesthetic
- A premium, durable roof
- Compatibility with products like Powerwall to aid in energy independence
- Getting a Tesla Solar Roof is a great investment into your home. Not only will you get a cutting-edge solar product, you're also receiving a premium roof.

Can you go off-grid with a Powerwall and Tesla Solar Roof?

It is possible to go off-grid with a Powerwall and a Tesla Solar Roof, but going off-grid requires more than just having these two products. If you want to be completely off-grid, you'll need to have all of the following:

Sufficient Kilowatt Production (or Solar Capture)
If your roof isn't capable of capturing enough sunlight for your electric needs, then you won't be able to go off-grid. SOLAR G will perform an energy audit of how much energy you currently use. Depending on the layout of your roof, it may not be possible to be completely off-grid, though our technicians will be able to determine this during your free consultation.

Living in a Municipality or Having a Utility That Allows You to Be Off-Grid
Unfortunately, even if you have the hardware and kilowatt production required to be off-grid, sometimes it's simply not allowed. Local municipalities and utility companies often require you to be connected to the energy grid. Some will even cap how many kilowatts your roof is allowed to produce. If you aren't sure whether you're allowed to go off-grid, our Certified Installers will let you know about energy regulations specific to your location and electric utility.

Do I get a tax credit with Tesla Solar Roof?

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) will apply to the cost of the solar portion of Solar Roof as well as the cost of Powerwall. The incentive amount is equivalent to a percentage of the eligible costs. To qualify for the Federal Investment Tax Credit in a particular year, the eligible solar equipment must be installed by December 31st of that year. You should always consult your tax professional for your situation.

How much energy can Tesla Solar Roof generate?

A Tesla Solar Roof can generate an enormous range of energy, starting from very low production for small homes to large production for larger homes or businesses. How much kilowatts your Solar Roof can produce is largely based on the photovoltaic tiles (or PV tiles) used to build your roof. Each tile produces 72W of energy, but your roof will also have basic tempered glass tiles that can't produce energy. Our Solar Roof experts will determine how many PV tiles are needed to satisfy your energy needs. Remember, sometimes local regulations will limit how many kilowatts your roof can produce, so it's possible you won't have enough PV tiles to meet all of your energy needs and truly go "off-grid." We'll let you know about the specific regulations in your area and how much kilowatts your roof will be allowed to produce.

Does Tesla Solar price include installation?

When you receive a price quote from us, it will include both materials and installation costs. You won't need to worry about surprise fees or expenses. Remember, the 30% tax credit you'll receive on your Solar Roof includes material and installation costs.

Thank you for your interest in our services. Contact us for a free consultation. We aim to respond within 48 business hours. Thank you.

Step 1: Estimate Tool

Request a free estimate for the price of a Solar Roof on your home. One of our Sales Representatives will review your submission to ensure your estimate accurately reflects your project.

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Step 2: Video Call

After you submit your project details you will receive an invitation to a video call with a sales representative to discuss your solar roof project. In this video call, our sales representative will walk you through the initial designs and arriving at an initial estimated install price.


Step 3: Design

Based on the initial estimate, if you decide Solar Roof could be right for your home, you can move into the formal design phase. In this phase we work with you to more thoroughly evaluate your solar energy goals, project requirements, and production potential for different solar roof configurations.


Step 4: Order & Install

Before the final installation, we prepare all the necessary permitting and documents to make sure your home, city, and electric company are ready for your Solar Roof.

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Buy Your Tesla Solar Roof Today

We are excited to be at the forefront of offering a reliable, durable roof and a state of the art solar product like Tesla Solar Roof. If you want to learn more about Tesla Solar Roof (or our other solar products) we'd love to hear from you! Call us at 855-655-5575 or click below to fill out a form, and a Solar Roof expert will be in touch with you soon.

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